Common Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation

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Unlike a divorce lawyer, a mediator does not take any side, but rather to help both parties to reach an agreement that will be beneficial even to the children. However, there are some misconceptions about divorce mediators that need to be addressed.

Most people are not familiar with the process involved in divorce mediation. Due to this shortcoming, they are quick to cling onto a misconception that ends up harming their case. In this article, we’re going to debunk most of these misconceptions.

  1. Mediators are often biased

Most people believe that no matter the case, that a divorce mediator will inevitably side with a party. It is wrong, as divorce mediators are neutral third parties. They don’t choose any side, but rather try to work with both parties for a mutual agreement.

In other words, the mediator’s job is to help both partners come up with an excellent and practical solution for their divorce-related issues.

  1. Mediation leads to an equal division of properties and assets

Here is another popular misconception that you need to do away with. However, it is wrong. Mediation aims to help both parties have a common mutual ground. That way, they can decide on how their assets or properties are to be split.

In most cases, the divorce mediator will guide the parties to attain an equitable distribution in the fairest way possible.  In other words, mediation leads to a fair division of properties without stirring up wars or further issues.

  1. Attorney not needed during divorce mediation

This claim is false, as couples going through a divorce need a legal representative that provides legal advice and other services. Since mediators cannot offer legal advice, it is paramount to not overlook a lawyer even during mediation.

With a divorce lawyer by your side, rest assured that your best interest will be protected. So, never believe such a misconception that a divorce lawyer is not needed during mediation.

  1. Loss of individual rights for the defaulting partner

Many people are of the notion that some rights are lost if a partner is accused of infidelity. However, this doesn’t seem right as mediation helps both parties divide their marital assets. If you’re in a no-fault state like Florida, you don’t need to even heed to this misconception. With mediation, both parties can resolve issues related to their marriage.

  1. Used for reconciliation

Another misconception about divorce mediators is that they help bring the couple back together. However, that is not true as a mediator’s job is to get both parties on the same level of communication.

By so doing, they can understand themselves much better and make a better agreement. If the affected couple is seeking to mend their relationship, a mediator can recommend some forms of counseling and support.


Divorce is a complicated journey, and you need all the help you can get to pull through. By working with a reliable divorce mediator, you’re certain of getting a fair outcome in the end.

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